Drive-by Shopping with Marta

i went shopping with marta (from marta's room in belton, tx) and we found some lovely peices in georgetown. i couldn't believe how amazing some of the shops were. unfortunately, i forgot my camera. we had such a wonderful time. marta is truly a wonderful soul and a kindred spirit.

the vintage bottle decked in jewels was made by amy from bloom and bee swanky, one of my favorite places to shop in waco.

the vintage valentine was some purchase made along the stop and shop expedition marta and i made. i do not remember what little town we were in. we talked the entire time and only screeched to a halt when we saw the sought after "antiques" sign along the road.

this gorgeous christmas ornament is so rough, but i think that is its charm. again, this was bought at the most AMAZING antique mall i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. i could spend an entire week in that place and not see everything. and it is so NOT junky!!! love, love, love,--all we need is cash! and lots of it!

these are a few things that i picked up at marta's room.

she has a keen eye and a taste for all things charming. you know she has been seduced by objects of beauty when all she can say is..."mmmmm---yummy".

i think that she missed this antique towel rack when she quickly scanned the floors, shelves, and walls of our last stop (we had 15min. to cover the entire place) because when she spotted it in my purchse pile she emphasized what a wonderful deal this was. i have been wanting to find one of these ever since my dad started visiting (from laredo) and helping with dishes. he always lays out the wet tea towels we use to dry all over the kitchen counters once we are done. "a place for everything and everything in its place". i was determined to find a place for the wet towels--other than, you know, every square inch of counter-top space.

these are some other finds from georgetown. marta took me to "gatherings". it is the most amazing place i think i have been to. heaven! they are so talented!!! i want to study under them or work for them for free just to be exposed to the constant beauty and inspiration! in the end i think i would have to pay them for working there because i would spend my entire paycheck and them some!!!

there is so much beauty out there how does one go about deciding what to choose and what to forgo? when grandma passed, everyone carted off the things they had been wanting for years. guma had told me about her chandeliers, now antiques. she had purchased them 50+ years ago from a furniture store that was closing its doors. she bought four and two sconces. it was my turn to pick from the things that were left in the house. i chose the chandeliers and sconces. everyone looked at me like i had broken the rules. i bought replacements. her loteria boards, broken eyeglasses, a mess of ephemera (which i later found included postcards from her brother from okinawa during the war, her original wedding invitation and announcement, and recipes she collected), and the chandeliers all happily reside with me now.

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