Junk Addiction

there is so much i collect, it seems at times that there is not enough space for it all. where do people put stuff? on top of other stuff?-- i mean people like me...who collect and collect and collect...if you're reading this , that might mean you too!
seriously...what happens when beautiful junk (ans i know you know what i mean) looks junky?! there has to be an art to layering and grouping things, i know. but i've got stuff pouring out the wazoo right now.
i fallen for this color scheme right now: gold, cream, and black...you know, tattered lace, rusty tools, antique ivory dice.
just can't stop shopping, though. you never know what amazing treasure you'll find!...you just never know.
love these shoes i found at marta's room in belton.
pink seems to be the obsession of the moment, though it's going on 5 years now...so maybe it's more than a fleeting affair. i think recently i gave myself "permission" to love it and enjoy using it wherever i wished. it's just pink is so cliche' and i always made myself walk away, though inside i was dying to paint everything in sight pink!
i guess the older you get, the less you care about what others think.
my office desk...i love this place and spend most of my free time here scouring the internet, shopping, posting, editing photos, and playing vampire wars on face book. (it's so silly that i am so addicted!)
metaphotography--- pictures of pictures.


Marie said...

hi jessica,
well, i keep my stash in assigned areas. i've taken over the garage
and a portion of the downstairs.and according to family even my decor in the rest of the house is junk. oh well. i still luv all the junk...your blog looks great. take care.

SugarMoon said...

i hear you marie. it's an explosion of junk everwhere. finding the right balance of stuff is the key. we'll keep working at it. what else can we do?

Pinkie Denise said...

So many pretty things to see! I love your blog! Pinkie

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