Marta's Room

ok-- so today was a treat! i went to belton to visit my friend, marta, who is preparing for her first annual (i believe) Eastertide Tea. Guests are asked to don their best vintage hats (with oodles of faded, squished, and tea-stained millinery), antiquey-bags, and precious, sparkling stones!!! i wanted to wear kid-skin gloves too, but i think marta said that was a bit too much, or something. Marta has outdone herself in preparing for the party!!! and i so want to go! like cinderella, i have everything i need for the ball, BUT it is easter weekend and my mom will be in town; she insists we need to paint easter eggs for the kids. I AM IN NO WAY IMPLYING that my mom is, uhhh-- like the evil step-mom, because that would be inaccurate. she is my mom. and she is not evil.

i proposed that we do a mother/daughter deal...and all i got was silence. then, i got a- "do i have to give you my answer right now?" cheezz-- i wasn't the valedictorian, but i get it.
anyway. marta better take lots of photos.
it's pathetic, but i am going to admit that i long for like-minded souls. no-one i know "gets it". what i am all about, i mean. my life is about things, but those things are metaphors. symbols, if you will, that reach far back in time to give this moment more meaning. none of it really matters in the end, i know that, but who determines what brings us titillation and thrill? i believe that i must have made an agreement with myself before i entered this body. i think my spirit yearned for specific experiences...and that's the road i now tread.
anyway, vintagesue made these for marta. they are exquisite and marta adores them.

i love this arrangement. it's so simple and so lovely!
this too is wonderful. i really appreciate the way marta arranges color.

cute lambs!
i love this...
and this...
and this!!!
my favorite--is the kids stuff. many antique dealers and junk aficionados don't carry kiddy couture, but marta's dolls and toys are everywhere!
my boys go and pick out their own favorites.
i almost bought this little china doll a couple of times ago. i am not a doll person, but i really dug this blondie!

the kids' toy area!

i did my kids' toy room in a "vintage toy" theme and i bought so much from here.

these shoes are the epitome of character!


handmade by marta!
beautiful baby!
the crown of tea-stained roses i could not buy, for they were meant for a puerto-rican princess. everything baby...
my favorite color--next to white, brown, pink, and black. ok. one of my favorite colors....

ohhh- la la!

stunning vintage-millinery covered bag

breath-taking pinks
sweet dolls

she promised to let me buy this one day. today, she was not ready to say goodbye. sweet pinafore, i will be back.
arrangement in pink
the red, green, and yellow kitchen

i think she is waring a vintage floral swim cap! love it!

i am done for now but i hav so many more pics of Marta's Room. i will post the rest on a slideshow tomorrow.
Goodnight, sweet moon!


Marie said...

you and marta...wow!! i wish i lived closer like maybe in a corner of your homes.

SugarMoon said...

this is marta's shop named "Marta's Room" in belton, texas. her prices are extremely reasonable.

Anonymous said...

jessica....i can't believe how romantic you made those photos. you are a photoshop queen girl!! stunning. i just love marta's shop and you only made her precious goodies all the better by showcasing them with such class.....
you are talent and more talent....

Ann Montgomery said...

I gave the Easter Tea and so many wanted another one that I agreed to host one this Saturday (30th) at 2:00 at Marta's Room. I have a lot of pics of the Easter Tea. Marta is really doing it up again. I'm new to blogging but your page hooked me in. I loved the pics, your stories, and music! My web is www.annmontgomery.biz. Ann

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