Spring Blooms

ranunculus are one of the truly gorgeous flowers for me. they are dense and spectacular!
r. with statice and foxglove which we grew easily in north carolina.

you'll have to forgive the tons of pics from same bouquets. i couldn't narrow it down!

salmon lady roses.

these are not english roses they resemble them a little.

purple calla lillies.

white roses, heirloom hydrangeas, pink peonies,and orchids

these flowers were my favorite this easter.

the unfolding of petals is perfection.

the variation in color of these hydrangea is stunning. i couldn't stop looking at them on my kitchen counter.

...and hyacinth are the sweetest smelling flower i have ever known.

orchids for the santos...

i used to grow orchids, but now i've narrowed my collection to this one, which i am giving to my mother. with little ones, some things fall by the wayside.

again, these colors are -- well, nature is an artist!

pure and clean.


Marie said...

wow jessica are all of them from your garden?

SugarMoon said...

no--lots are from HEB's garden. i only arrange them and keep the house looking freshly cut.

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