Hark! I am still here!

ok, people... it's been forever! i know; but it has been one hell of a year! we moved to birminham one year ago and today i am still unpacking... only i'm unpacking in MAINE! i cannot tell you how happy i am here despite the lack of commercial shopping, neighbors, the sun, and... well, life as i had otherwise known it! this is going to be one hell of a ride for this texan! but i'm going to love it every single day!!!
at this point. my computers, cameras, and everything electronic is still quite a mess! i have received promises to have me up and running as of last week, but you know how that "honey do" list goes! i have so many pics to post and stories to tell. the fact that this place is so solitary will definitely feed my need blog. so i will be back. :)

anyway, at this point, the only things i have to share are these images i have saved...some of my favorite. cheers!the following is quite beautiful... i adore it! :) i'd love to use it as an invite for a christmas party!

love and be well!!!

the happy end!

1 comment:

vintagesue said...

hi jessica!! wow....welcome back!! from the south to maine? in one year? i get it! i do. the military thing makes us move and move and move. it is like you spend your life just packing and unpacking. hahaha.
good luck!!!
I LOVE MAINE. my mom grew up in bridgeton maine and i spent all my summers and winter vacations there growing up!! the yardsales are great!!! especially the church yardsales. good luck and enjoy PAAAKING the CAAH in your GAAAARAAAGE. lol. and the lobster too!!! oh and the best fried clams in the world.
glad to have you back. i'll be on the lookout for more posts!!!!!

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