Marburger Farms Antique Show-- last take

ok...these are the last of my photos for this show. i regret not buying this little toy phone. it was the first thing i found that i loved but was afraid to spend so early in the day. what an idiot! oh, well.loved these.
again...almost bought this complete set of antique children's encyclopedias. should have bought but did not.
i fell in love with these french wine crates--these i did buy.
bought french baskets...
i've always wanted one of these for my pepper...like in "Babette's Feast". i love that movie!
i have a table like the one above in a dark cherry. i have always wanted to paint it white; now i will. it looks fantastic.
same for this little number. i have one identical in a dark cherry (which i hate so it's in the back yard storing outdoor toys). a coat of white paint will transform it.
always wanted one of these. so romantic.
beautiful kitchen island.
sweet tattered blue table.
the mix of metal, wood and stone is lovely in this bistro set.
...and my fixation on cubbies and organization continues...
;-0 pricey but nice
i bought these brown lamps made from salvaged iron from a new orleans balcony.
very chic.
this was one of the most gorgeous beds i have ever seen in my life. it was breathtaking, though the pics are a little pathetic.
a pretty mix.
...again...the fixation!
love the industrial look!
this is the other amazing bed i found!!! oooooohhh, with crisp white linen bedding.

so precious.

eye candy everywhere!
i want to copy this...it was so cute!

...and that lampppshade was the cutest thing too!
couldn't help but spend a nice portion of my budget on magnolia pearl!!!
...bought bloomers...
...and a top. (yikes! that was it!)

the END!


lala said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What an amazing show!! All of those white ruffles are making mt head spin - I LOVE ruffles. Magnolia Pearl looks unbelievable - I want one of everything! Can't wait to see how your lampshade turns out.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wow!! It's all so fabulous! You definitely should have snatched up that red toy phone! I have been wanting one for years and almost bought one once. I still regret not buying it!

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