Marburger Farms Antique Show

this year i went early, as opposed to last year. found some amazing pieces, but still...my budget was thousands of dollars short of what i needed to buy what i loved. (who isn't in that boat?) anyhow, these were just a few of those gorgeous finds. a bought a few of them, but not many. i enjoyed the sights, the kettle corn, meeting old friends, and making new ones.
interesting and creative. something old AND something new.
there was no shortage of french and italian antique candlesticks. (one of my very favorite things, by the way...goes so well with antique santos).
adored this pair of old mirrors with spotted and faded silvering. the pictures do not do these little guys justice. so beautiful.
oooooh, an old zebra skin stool. the stool is iron and covered in a wonderfully aged, crackled, ivory paint. i would have taken this piece, if it weren't for the $400 price tag. yes, a little too steep for me.
santo and crown
another santo nicely juxtaposed against this gilt italian star burst mirror.
"sold" before i got to this little garden table.
piles of antiques books without spines. seems to be a bigger trend now. small bundles sold for $85 each.
file cabinet drawer system...i've been eying pieces like this one to store my beads and stones (for jewelry making). i need something to keep them all organized nicely.
i don't know what kind of table this is, but it was very striking. it was sold, of course.
one day i am going to buy a carousel horse as a statue piece for my living room. romantic, whimsical, fun, and unexpected.
i wanted these so much! aahhhhh....the prices here kill me!!!
more antique candlesticks.
note: the cute garland is made from newspaper dress cutouts and adorned with black seam binding ribbons. very sweet!
i need slipcovers like this one.
interesting display.
beautiful junk...
i was really drawn to this table. industrial furniture just pulls me in and this table is a nice twist on a traditional piece.
i soooo want a rack like this one! BUT every time i find one, it's "for display only"! this one was sold!
...again, the filing system that always catches my eye! i am going to post my pics from the antique shows for four days, because there are way too many to post all at once. i'll be back tomorrow!

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