the loot from hico...and a few other stops

ok...i prepared so well for my trip to hico, but in the end, i forgot the card for my camera. since technology is everywhere, i resorted to using my phone, but the confounded thing has me trying to figure out exactly how to transfer them to my computer. now, i must wait for my husband to help me work out this issue. soooooo, here are pictures of the things i brought home from that trip (plus a few other things i found at Marta's Room, in belton). here we go...
these gorgeous book i bought from H2, which is susan's new store (from homestead in hico). i think her name is susan, please correct me if i am wrong. H2 is gorgeous, crisp, fresh, and all about neutrals and whites! a must see!
now, i couldn't decide which of these to post, so i posted them all! added to these books are vintage christmas ornaments that i bought from marta.

here is the entire collection of white ornaments that i bought from marta (along with a few others i bought on ebay last month)...i am ALWAYS looking for beautiful christmas ornaments.
marta is now hunting for new ones because she confessed she really missed these. too bad!...sorry!
the pink and teal i also bought on ebay last month. my kitchen christmas colors are these lovely feminine hues.

i have been collecting these sewing boxes. this pink one is in excellent condition.
the dress is from Willow Nest Farms. linda has wonderful taste. i always get in trouble when i shop at her store.
willow nest is located in burton, tx. i ran into her at marburger and again at hico.

a little lingerie and lace...
heart and ribbon from marta's and with it is my grandmother's brooch.
again...willow nest. the shoe was a gift from linda. it's emellished for christmas and designed by her.
this powder box...

these tags,
...and this vintage prize ribbon. were all crafted by linda.
the hankie holder i regretted not buying at marburger...found me at hico!!!
more of linda's art.

and a beautiful, romantic, vintage tutu--i'll be using this for my pink tree!
the beautiful end!

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Pinkie Denise said...

I love all the beautiful soft colors, they are my favorites too. I also collect baby shoes the ones you picked up are so charming Pinkie

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