here it is, guys...damn blogger won't let me add more pics...the tempermental thing!!!

now, these are NOT our furnishings. these belong to the previous owner. i'll post pics once we are settled! the rooms are a good size. and we won't have to repaint the walls in 85% of the house! fushia and lavendar rooms don't settle well with me, sorry!

it is a 3-story 1930's english tudor home. closet space IS TIGHT, but it does have 6 bedrooms, 2 landings, 2 bonus rooms (one of which is a workroom for me :-), a basement, and attic storage. i'm not complaining at all!
located in homewood, alabama...

OK...it's about time that i announce that we are moving from waco to birmingham, alabama. i suppose i believed if i did not utter the words, they would not be true...but, they ARE TRUE!...and i have come to peace with the idea (sort of). this is my life...the life of a gypsy. constantly packing up and unpacking. i once visited a fortune teller in new orleans, years ago, after an intense and long relationship. she told me that i would soon meet my husband and told me that we would have an "unconventional" marriage. i immediately thought, "oh, my god! i am going to move around and be the anthropologist i've ALWAYS wanted to be!!!" little did i know that it wasn't going to be because of me that we moved around, but because of HIM! steve builds hospitals...and we go where the work is. don't get me wrong. i love it! ...but it still is sad. uprooting. losing friends. leaving part of my life behind. but...i will survive. another chapter to be written.we shall see what things may come! :-)


trash talk said...

What a house! I think you have the "room" to add a closet or two. Off hand I don't know anything in Alabama, but in the wonderful world of blogging, I bet we can find you some shopping destinations, what do you bet?

vintagesue said...

OH M G!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. seriously!!!! that home is TDF and the kitchen is making me drool.
we lived in columbus georgia for 14 years. i used to drive to montgomery AL, opelika, auburn, and helena AL too to find junk. there is tons of it where you are moving. it is small town urban....good for kids....lots of good food to eat and culture too. yes....alabama does have culture!!! i remember shopping close to helena alabama at a HUGEEEE thrift shop like the value village. there are good sources there....
congrats to you and i wish you well on your new adventures. i know the gypsy lifestyle too. it's crazy. hang in there.

SugarMoon said...

thanks sue! i really thought i was moving to a "dry" area, but am sooo glad to hear i was wrong! i will keep you posted! for sure!!!

SugarMoon said...

thanks, debbie...i will be hunting...you know it!

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