marta's room-- fall 2009

ok...(big sigh)... i have been meaning to post these pics for sometime now, but they accidentally got filed in with my kids pumpkin patch pics (as they occurred on the same day). sorry marta. so here we go. i stole a bow tie from another arrangement and place it with this little guy...it seemed the perfect addition at the time. i think if he's still for sale next time i drop by, i 'll buy him.
funny thing sometimes, is that i find i "shop" while i'm editing my pictures. i suppose that's a sign of a bad photographer because i'm not paying total attention to my "subjects"...my attention is mostly on the arrangement. later when i work on editing i notice a basket here...or a pillow there, and i think, "how in the world did i miss that gorgeous piece?"
i must admit that the places where we all shop, these antique and "junk" stops, have soooooo much to look at that it is easy to miss this or that (at least the first time around).

beautiful dreamy-creamy creams...

(this lampshade within a lampshade is mine girls!)
oh my, aren't those clocks something!?!!!
artfully homemade....and i want those black pins below, marta. i'm waiting for you to be back!

if i had a creative use for this, i so would have bought it! isn't it lovely?
this little find too, is FANTASTIC! if i only had a little girl! ...and this doll, too, is spectacular!

marta has such talent to arrange all of her finds so artfully. i am in love with her place and am honored she is my friend...one of the kindest, happiest, gentlest spirits i know.
this was so marvelous in person. the pics don't do it justice!
i have been meaning to find a scottie for a friend, emily, at crop paper scissors here in waco. she collects them and i can't help but think of her every time i see one!
will and zack hanging out at the store...
i was taken aback when i came across this black dress. it is the epitome of vintage style. can you say, "yuuuuuummmmmm"?

sweet brides abound!
i cannot say enough for what this woman does with this store...and she does it all ALONE! no help, except for her mother who shops with her. she had pulled this all off on her own!
that is quite a feat considering that she does the shopping, organizing, painting and refurbishing, pricing, arranging, checking out, opening and closing the store, attending on all the customers (98% of the time, and....what else is there one does when one has a shop? well, she does that too! yes... all by herself! when i grow up...i want to be like marta!

i am so happy when i am here. i forget that there is a world outside...a world where cars crash, banks go under, and homes are taken away from people.

here...there are only treasures from the past. the things people cherished. when times were far simpler. and people were more brave than we are today. we live in a disposable society of quick-fixes and "conscientious objectors". i find great comfort knowing that things weren't always this way. maybe that's why i collect these things. it's my attempt to "remember" that there is another way.

...or maybe it's just because they are objects of beauty...
...and i'm addicted to beauty....
...everyone has a weakness for something.

this is mine :-)

the happy end!


Marie said...

hmmmmmmm if only i lived in texas

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hi Friend!
I'd love to get in touch with Marta...she's commented on my blog, but I have no e-mail address for her. Next time you see her, would you tell her I'd love to talk to her? I plan a trip up to shop at her gorgeous store!

trash talk said...

Wowee-ay! That is a mess of eye candy for sure. Thank you for taking the time to upload all these gorgeous photos.
P.S. Lola is precious!!!

SugarMoon said...

...thanks debbie! anne-- she has asked me to help her set up a blog and i plan on doing so very soon. you'll be able to find her soon. i don't know where i left her email, but i'll pass it on as soon as i can.

Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful! I'm not worthy...anyway thank you for the amazing post. What I want for Christmas is to be able to start a blog. I have been a lurker since Stephanie at Gatherings told me about it(2 years ago!) I link to everybody's thru Garden Antiques, (by the way nobody does it better than Theresa, she is the queen) I hope the pictures will entice some new friends to drop by. Jessica, I thank God for the blessing of meeting you. You are so young but yet have an old soul open to beauty and appreciation for the past and better times. The way you carry yourself, your babies and your home is a testament of what lies within. Thank you for been a friend. Hope to see you soon.Blessings, Marta.

lala said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! What a fantastic shop -- oh how I wish we had this in CT., unfortunately it seems like only a handful of shops "get it". Marta's shop is absolutely amazing!!

D. Marie said...

Thanks for taking me along on that lovely shopping trip. Thank goodness It wasn't real or I would of been in big trouble.....love the sweet dollys and pink Pinkie Denise

SugarMoon said...

marta, i am speechles. i love you, my friend!

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