Lola Luna

lola luna is my new teacup chihuahua...she's 7 weeks old and soooooo teeny-tiny! i adore her and so do the boys. i can't ever keep them off her, the poor thing. she has the most amazing temperament and already goes "potty"! the easiest of my four dogs to train! wow! she is already super spoiled. cries when she's not hanging out with me~! i never had a baby girl, but now i have lola!...she only weighs one lb.
yes...i am totally going to dress her up in vintage pearls and rhinestones. i was actually thinking of designing some pcs myself. who knows, i might have a new career in vintage jewelry designs for pets!...four of my loves!
she's so cute with her little teddy...she licked him the first time they "met"!by the way, i think i'm going to take her everywhere i go now...so if i'm shopping in your neck of the woods, i might just have her with me!
the happy end!


vintagesue said...

i can see why people bring their chihuas w/them when they go out...because they are so small and cute....lola luna included!!! she is a baby. oh my...she is a baby. isn't she tiny?
i fell in love with my mother in law's chihua LADY the moment i met her!!! i see why people go crazy for these little, cute dogs. they are so loveable.....and you are right....that lola luna is your BABY GIRL. she's a gem....and a pearl...and will become your new best friend. enjoy!!!!

Marie said...

sooooooooooooo cute! i guess you could cuddle with her all day.

SugarMoon said...

i do cuddle with her all day. i have three other dogs, i never really loved chihuahuas before...but their personalities as sooooo BIG! i adore her. she is always with me! smiles!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

She is adorable! I have two big Siberian Huskies, but I'd like to have a little pocket puppy, too!

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