the junk exchange!!!

so i guess this officially kicks off the holiday "spendo-rama" for me... the junk exchange was a blast. i only wish i had arrived earlier in the morning. things went fast!...but i managed to find lots of wonderful junk!
...also got to meet troy and becky. they put a lot of work into this event...i can only imagine. they had lots of vintage christmas decor, several of the items were crafted by them...including these cute ceiling tiles used as picture hangers.
i picked up some of these too, though i am not quite sure EXACTLY what they are...ornaments, hangy-decorations, gift card holders (they have pockets in the back). whatever use you can find for them, they are adorable.
loads of fabric and linens...i actually made off with 2 large bolts of vintage silk taffeta (cream and soft pink) for $2 each!!! oh, the things i will make!
my friend and i took apart their halloween display with all the stuff we picked up... this is the after-photo...still nice, but you should have seen it before! (i forgot my camera in my car. had to go back after the fact).
this little basket i found upon making a second sweep of the place. i adored it! would love to top it off with some pink, velvet, vintage strawberries, some ribbons and lace (for spring)...stash some sweet pastel easter eggs,...stuff it with old mercury ornaments for christmas...ahhh
i bought so many flags off of this tree that it just doesn't look like it did before it met me. poor tree!
this little guy needs a bead board backing....and some red paint. it would make a perfect shelf for my boys' room...some stray dinos and die-cast cars need a home.
now this....was actually so gorgeous in real life, but my pics just don't do it justice. with a little love, this swing would be "season of cannon falls" worthy!--really!!!
i missed these the first time... thanks, anne :-)
ok...that was it. i did stop by bloom and picked up three white frames i've been drooling over for weeks now...i am sure i have a pic...somewhere...
by the way, don't tell my husband where i was all day ;-)


Kelly said...

I am so jealous! I wish I lived somewhere close so that I could have visited and gotten some great finds also.

vintagesue said...

hey jessica!!! i am officially jealous of the big junk bonanza!! i miss all the fun!!
i will have my things for sale at carol carroll's this year again, but i won't physically be there. i moved to maryland a few months ago, so i will miss carol's big event but i shipped some things to sell!!!!
love the blog. it makes me happy to know i am not the only one that has to hide stuff from my husband....and $2 linen bolts....OH YEAH!!! i would be there too!
take care

SugarMoon said...

hey, sue... we miss you!!! i am so glad your stuff will be there at carol caroll's! yeah!!!

SugarMoon said...

hey, sue... we miss you!!! i am so glad your stuff will be there at carol caroll's! yeah!!!

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