jr. league of waco, Deck the Halls--part 2

the entrance theme was very girlie and sweet...pink and lime green.
amy's Bloom and Bee Swanky was at the entrance and took our breath away. she outdid herself this year! sheer creative elegance.
fyi: my camera, even with the flash, takes terrible pictures...always so dark, so i use picasa to improve the quality. brightening the pics always gives them this look (above). of course i add other elements to change the pics, but the "yellowness" or "creaminess" of the pics...well, i can't get around that. sorry.
this is what they look like before i edit them on picasa. pretty terrible.
anyway, these are the pillars or posts to amy's corner...she covered them up with antique piano paper. ingenious and so romantic. her set up.....yummmm! i want to copy the whole thing now!

just beautiful. of course, i did buy the white houses.
aren't these precious?
her "salt of the earth" shakers!

this is the one i snatched up... lavender sachets...
jewelry and candles...i have my eye on the drawer thingie. (you know how i have a thing for drawers and organization!)
carmen...i think she was checking out. one of amy's girls has also been making she most beautiful "lockets" from old pocket watches. somehow, i missed taking pictures of these. i'll take some at her open house, Thursday, Nov. 12th.
you can't tell in my picture, but this is a "bubble tree". down the center, runs a thick plastic tube with water and bubbles. forgive my description, i'm not sure how else to describe it.
carmen after lunch. they happened to have served the most delicious chicken salad i have ever eaten...in my entire life! cheers, ladies! bright, fun, and very girly!

oh, you know i bought these!!!
...and these teeny houses, too!
and, of course, this one too! it looks like a christmas barn-church. so sweet!

this booth was set up by a group of girls led by vonda krup. apparently, they used to make stuff and sell at "home shows"...you know the type of shows i'm referring to. well, vonda was asked by a jr.leaguer to set up for "deck the halls". carmen and i loved everything they had. i picked up a rectangular magnetic tray in pink (for the guest bedroom), candlesticks... these frames...

carmen took this cute lamp for her daughter's bedroom...
and they had my kitchen green...i adore this color!
picked up this cute little frame in the center for christmas pics...
the entertainment...christmas carols by sweet children.
...and carmen watching them.
this booth belonged to emily from Crop, Paper, Scissors here in waco. precious handmade garlands. happy garlands.
cute little book markers.
ok....now pat at Laverty's outdid herself this year too! she had the most amazing booth filled with glorious junk!!!!! HUGE smiles here!!! now, i don't know if you can tell, but pat covered a glass-top garden table with white christmas lights. then she covered the lights with rock salt (it was heavy enough to hold down the light and keep them from moving, but also allows the light to softly shine through). it had the most beautiful effect. i totally want to steal this idea from her!
all vintage and antique ornaments!
reader, i bought it! this antique goose-feather tree was in excellent condition! it doesn't even look like feathers because it is so full, but it is! purchase... a mere $40! cha-ching!!!
now this "straw" tree was not for sale, but it was the coolest ever! very country looking. and the boots at the bottom totally "made" it! all it lacked was a cowboy hat to crown it...or maybe some antlers...maybe.
aluminum tree sticks made into a swag...
you have to click on this picture to fully appreciate the rustic beauty of this wreath. i have seen this wagon wheel at her store for well over a year, but this was genious! i loved it! the boots, antlers...wow! and the actual ornaments have so much character to them! i was floored. bravo.
this "kitchy" wreath was cleverly done as well. pat is very talented.
...and something sweet to end with. a sock-puppet reindeer. isn't that novel? the happy end!

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