first Birmingham purchase. I found this incredible antique shop... my favorite items-- the old leather bound books. I think I'll revisit them tomorrow for some more!

magnificent iron and marble? ... not sure now.

picture lushious ferns in old white clay pots adorning this sweet thing...

now that darling sitting under the spotlight reminds me of a heroine in a victorian novel... she's been loved and lost, tattered, misused, but her grace is undeniable and always rises triumphantly.

yes, two of these will find their way to my "sitting room" soon.

this sweet thing is lost in translation... really, it breaks my heart when I cannot capture the beauty if a thing.

*wiping saliva off my chin*

the happy end.


trash talk said...

Two words come to mind...scrumptious and sumptous!

Ashley said...

Found your blog through blog hopping and wanted to say that I Love Waco and your blog. Actually I have a brother-in-law who lives there and another on his way with his soon to be wife :) I now have an excuse to visit and shop at Spice! Have a great New Year!

Susan S. said...

Hi fellow Texas blogger....GLAD I popped into your blog. Is tht store in Downtown Waco? It looks similar to one I went to there last year! Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

SugarMoon said...

susan...no. unfortunately it's not. i recently moved to birmingham, alabama. these shops are right around the corner from my house. so sorry...and happy new year to you too!

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