Zebra or Mannequin? what do you think?

ok, people...i need a little help here. i have some money set aside for a little something special and now i need to decide. yes...an antique zebra rug. it's something i have always wanted for my luscious bathroom. it'll go perfectly! and i have wanted one for years!!! yes, it'll get some serious use in a bathroom, but we love things aged and tattered, don't we? plus, where it will be sitting won't see TOO much action.
OR should i buy another vintage mannequin? hmmm... here are a few i have found, but i guess i need to move quick on the mannequins.
these are a bunch of different ones i found. all ok, but nothing i am "in love with"...you know?

so...if you would leave me your vote, i would really appreciate it. i'll post pics of my bathroom off my iphone so that you'll see what i am thinking for the zebra rug. thanks, guys!
the happy end!


BriarRose said...

Ok.....I totally get when you are struggling with which way to go. But I think you answered your own question. You LOVE the Zebra rug. You love mannequins too, but the ones you are looking at are not shouting the love. I would go with the zebra rug....there are lots of mannequins out there. One that really should be home with you, will find you sooner or later. :)

SugarMoon said...

thanks debra! you are right!

Susan S. said...

My vote is for the Zebra rug....You LOVE it and it's something completely different. Since you already had a mannequin and aren't totally in love with any you found...I think the answer is obvious! Can't wait to see the rug in the bathroom!

vintagesue said...

sounds like your heart is lettin that zebra rug play a few extra strings....
i say you can always make room for one more dress form, but a zebra rug? vintage? real? who has one of those???? go for the zebra.....i know you will totally make it a statement piece and we will all drool when we see it!!!
sweet home alabama...

Junk Exchange said...

you have prob all ready made the decision, but i would say zebra - when are you going to see another? and evidently priced where you can afford it - i would say zebra - even though it would drive the other f ur babies crazy - i would say zebra -


SugarMoon said...

thanks troy and sue. zebra it is!

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