I just wanted to post a quikie! man, I am pissed. I went shopping today... found a marvelous antique mall here in birmingham. they were having great sales. I found an ornate sterling silver letter opener by reed & Barton... in great shape, btw. it was 50% off of $10!!! I had so much stuff, the gentleman helping me was keeping everything up front at the check out. well, after I paid, I felt a little uneasy...like something was wrong! I got home to inventory everything and my letter opener conveniently "disappeared"!!! I hate it when that happens! this is the second time in 2 months this has happened to me. arrrggggg!!! why do they do that? the last time I bought (or was going to buy) a gorgeous French lace tablecloth. showed it to my friend and took it up front while I dug around some more. the sales lady (also a vendor at the mall) asked where i found it...said it was beautiful. later, when I went to pay, the table cloth was gone!!! the sales lady had the audacity to shrug and tell me she didn't know which tablecloth I was referring to!!! it just disappeared into thin air!!! why!? I thought I'd feel better if I vented, but... not so much :-(

the not so happy end!

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BeeSwanky said...

Hi J. You are not in Texas anymore! I would go back with my receipt and demand a refund. Even though it was $5.oo it is a matter of principal especially since you had the trouble with the tablecloth before. I would bee happy to tell them what a fabolous customer you are and how they would hate to lose you! I wish you could see all the things we will bee doing for Spring in the Shop! XOXO - Amy B.

alice said...

I agree with Amy. Go back and start out sweet and nice ( catch more flies with honey than with vinegar)show your receipt........I am sure this was just an oversite.....Godd luck!!
smiles, alice

SugarMoon said...

thanks ladies. i miss you amy. i'm sure the store is going to look marvelous!

vintagesue said...

did you pay for it and not get it? makes you wonder, eh? i agree with amy and then after you tell them how fabulous you are you can tell them you have a big ole blog....A BIG BLOG and lots and lots of space to write about their store....hee hee. that is dirty, but oh well. then, if they can't comply....ask them where their southern hospitality is and cut the loss.
good luck. it's good to vent.

Junk Exchange said...

thinking about you .. hope things are going well for you .. sure miss you here in waco ..pat laverty came to shop the warehouse and we were all talking about how much we miss you and can't wait for the day you return .. sure how you come back .. in the meantime, we sure miss your posts and hearing of all the wonderful stuff you are finding ..

troy & rod @ junk exchange ..

Patty said...

Oh my gosh that totally sucks, sorry to hear that! People are mean

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