more from homewood, alabama

more shopping in the neighborhood. this is from a little store called "four seasons". I think it's run by four women who favor lots of local artists...

but, of course, my only real interest here are the odds and ends of ironstone, crystal, metalware, and woven baskets.

this table below... me likey!

...and if I can find a place for these sconces, I'll be back, but the truth is, I'm worn out. I'm starting to feel sadness seep into my bones.

I no longer want to see anymore dish-pack paper!!! this house is such a tight fit, I find myself hiding under the sheets in the middle of the day, praying noone will notice that I am gone.

of course, they always do! not even the thought of food or a good tv show lures me out if hiding.

but what can one do when the song is missing from their dance?... except keep dancing and believe the music will start again.

aren't these delightful? ALMOST makes me want one. geez! at $1100 a piece, I regret letting my husband talk me into GIVING ours away!

the end.


Barbara said...

Morning, What a surprise to find a blogger in Waco, I live in Jewett and come to Waco often. I have a cousin that lives there.

I would love to meet you and I am adding you to my list of Texas bloggers. Come check it out.

SugarMoon said...

oh, barbara! i would love it, except that i moved last month to birmingham, alabama. i'm just starting to find little places to shop. i miss my waco, though.

Anonymous said...

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