this is a little shop on etsy that i found...and i fell head over heels in love with it! It's called "Passementerie" run by BeautifulReign. she has a huge luscious collection of exquisite antique ribbon work, lace, lingerie, textiles, and boudoir accessories.
a sweet powder puff wand...
now this is supposed to be a "baby boudoir accessory". hmmm...not really sure what that means. --anyone?
this is a delectable, desired frou-frou that needs to be sitting on my vanity!!!
these are lingerie pins. isn't that neat?...to pretty up your drawers!...meaning underwear, not to be left sitting in the drawers making them look pretty. if you have something delightful, use it!!!
ok--if you're overdosing on pink satin, french lace, pearls, ribbons, and feathers... GOOD! that was my intention. I am so glad i found BeautifulReign on etsy. this is my fairytale...
these pictures are just some of my favorite things she has listed. i did buy lingerie pins, a powder puff, camisole and a hanky holder...mmmmm.
the workmanship...the art!
i think this is a powder box. could be reproduced with some vintage ribbon.

both above are hankie holders.
ribbon embroidery. i used to do ribbon embroidery when i dated steve. it's pretty easy, but the ribbon is costly and nearly impossible to find now.

i collect vintage millinery, but this is quite amazing. i've never seen anything so gorgeous!

ah, and no vanity would be complete without old bottles of perfume!

a flapper boudoir cap. did women really sleep in these?...or rather, did they wake up in them?

the happy end.


Junk Exchange said...

oh my goodness - i would love to learn how to do all that kind of work - but i want someone to show me - i am not real good at reading how to do it -

i so hope you are enjoying your new home .. we miss you here in texas ..

feels like it has rained or been cloudy every day since you left ..


vintagesue said...

yum. those collections are like the ones i saw in france that i just could NOT afford at all. ohhhhh...i dream of somebody giving me bags of things like that. they are heavenly. just enchanting. gorgeous. will go check out her etsy shop now.
hope all is well.
take care

SugarMoon said...

thanks troy! that is very sweet for you to say... and i miss texas so! definitely missing all my friends too! love you, jess

Belle Brocante said...


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VividColors said...

Wow, that shop is amazing! I just hearted her. Thanks for sharing! :)

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