Flowers, Lace, Postcards, and Santos

Goodbye March...

everytime i see these green hydrangeas, i think of march and its flirtation with spring. march is the month of spring, but the weather is so capricious and erratic. we don't know-- jackets or shorts. air-conditioner or heater. sunglasses or umbrellas. that is the nature of march, is suppose... well goodbye. for now.
though... march's cousin, april, is known for her pluvial tantrums, i will keep my umbrella and sunglasses in my car for a while longer.

tea time.

the beach. shells. i hope to see you this summer. missed you last.

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the crown of stars that sits atop my crystal beverage server is showing her age. she is still beautiful, though!
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Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal

i really wanted these shoes!! tried them on at neiman marcus, but they were very disappointing! too narrow and not as gorgeous as they look in the pictures! way overpriced as well.
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Dirty, Rusted, and Broken

i bought this "lamp"??? at "spice" in waco. it is dirty, rusted, and broken, but i snatched it up the second i saw it.
thought of reselling it. thought of painting it. thought of giving it away. thinking i will keep it until i can come up with something better.
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Pulchritude: A Sequence of Lost Objects Found

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Pulchritude: cont.

these pieces i found at "gatherings" in georgetown, texas. now "gatherings" is another amazing antique shop that truly inspires the imagination to redo, create, and, reorganize. the entire shop is a piece of art!

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cont...Cotton-Candied Lace

this pillow, although new by bella note linens, evokes times long gone-- i love it because its cotton-candy colored lace reminds me of vintage prom dresses, 8th grade dances, and times that were simpler.
the delicate and familiar weave of lace is irresistible paired with the lining of satin underneath.
add a little sparkle, and viola! sweetness like sugar
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when we first moved to waco, a friend introduced me to this little shop called "bloom and bee swanky". it is the most inspiring antique shop i have ever been to. amy does a marvelous job of setting up vignettes. it is all quite marvelous and i actually hired her assistant debbie who helps in setting up most of the displays. i own so much stuff and sometimes get lost in how to arrange it all without losing my initial intention. anyway, this photo was bought at "bloom" and decorated by amy, though none of the shine and sparkle is very evident here.

millinery flowers, who doesn't love them or have a few stashed somewhere? i have been trying to add to my collection, but the truly gorgeous are difficult to find.
this lamp is so tattered yet so beautiful; i found it at "laverty's" also here in waco. i was immediately drawn to its yellowed, torn shade and chipped putty-colored base. most people would think it trash, but i love it exactly as it is and would set it next to a sterling silver tea service with a bunch of cream peonies.
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Beauty and Attraction

who could ever tire of roses? i try to buy fresh flowers once a week and keep bouquets next to photos of my grandparents who have passed. i miss them all.
i recently read an article by rebecca purcell in WHERE WOMEN CREATE and she provided a tip for honing in on our aesthetic skills... as collectors we are to pick an object that we love and ponder why it attracts us, paying particular attention to its physical an psycological draw. as a result we would learn more about ourselves and why we love what we love.
this particular arrangement reminds me of the short story "the necklace" by guy de maupassant.
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Christmas 2008

when i first decided to set up a blog, it was in hopes of keeping a visual diary, if you will, of my collections and how they continually evolve. it is now march and i am finally adding my christmas collection.
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if there is someone out there viewing this--and knows how to set up albums withing a blog page, i could use some advice.
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