Birmingham Antiques

all right... i'm finally going to post what i have found living here in birmingham. the scene is quite different than what i'm used to in texas. there are tons of antiques to be had, but the prices are way up there. someone told me that the thing to do here is shop at the salvation army and such, but that was a bust! nooo bueno! :(
truth be told, i haven't really been shopping. i have been working out instead. ...i know-- booo! this place, while wonderfully comfortable and cute, doesn't really inspire the junker in me. every now and then i WILL find something i MUST have, but for the most part, i have learned restraint (somewhat... well, by my standards, though my husband might disagree).
this setee is something i think i really want in maine. :) oh, yeah... did i mention we are moving to maine in late august? probably not... now why i didn't but this stinkin' vanity... i don't know! i am kicking myself right now!!! i've always wanted one just like this! it was probably the price.
i did but this little blue perfume atomizer... is that what they are called?
...and this sweet ironstone pitcher.
i guess it's just the typical antique mall sort of stuff...
except for this one place named "tricia's treasures". i think this place is a designer's haven. they have a collection of about 300 gorgeous gilt antique mirrors... all for sale at very high prices. they have tons of everything or anything you could be looking for-- all piled high and waiting for an eager buyer.
you can see how the ottomans are just stacked on each other at the bottom of the pic here. it was impossible to reach the books, but i made some poor guy make them accessible. ;)
...and below-- the lamp room. there's room after room of stuff! crazy! the happy end!

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

someone let me know if it's too soon to start dreaming about christmas?!
ever since i was in grade school, i'd start singing bing crosby's melikilikimaka in july. Hobby Lobby seems to be the only other who shares this excitement with me soooo early... and frankly, i think they have ulterior motives. ;)

anyhow, here is the prettitiest of the pretty that i have found and collected while birds have been chirping and hydrangeas blooming.
yes... i'm sure you all do the same. search for christmas stuff alllll yeeeaaaar looong! right?

some of this is old and some are just wannabe's but if i love it.... well, then i love it.

the happy end!

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