ahhhhhh...my favorite holiday! well, christmas is right up there with halloween. i have amassed so much stuff over the years due to the fact that we always have costume parties.
this year i think we counted 20 twenty gallon tubs...something like that. i was so overwhelmed that i gave up and decided to only use some things. haven't used the voodoo themed stuff in a long time...chicken bones, small alligator head, religious candles... way to much in the poor attic.

i'm keeing quiet so i can post quicker!

the kitchen island...

this, by the way, was a nasty piece when i bought it at spice for $50. it was a sad, dingy green and had been modified with "stuff". a little time, love, and paint....and viola! something beautiful that i am so happpppppy to have in my home.
marta, i bought these nobs the other day and they don't match...could i maybe exchange one so they match, if that's possible. if not, it's no biggie. i need to swing by next week for my lampshade. i'll call before i visit.

i am sad that nicole sayre doesn't make her holiday pieces anymore. i really miss her.
the kitchenette...
i made these lights out of dyed coffee filters.they look so much better in person. too bad :( next year i'm adding a small, black pre-lit tree that i've drooled over (for a coupple of years) at amy's Bloom and Bee Swanky. i'm finally buying it this year...for next.
no, i don't need it, but what the hell, right?

the bar...

the ancestral hall...old black and white photos of family.
this year i've given up on buying real hay bales. they are waaaaay to heavy and what the heck do i do with them after thanksgiving?

that's dead fred in the bottom left-hand corner. alex isn't afraid of him, but flies and bees....well, they make him scream like a girl. he's sooooo like me. fred is REALLY freaky looking. i'm shocked that he's cool with him.
the spooky end!

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