I just wanted to post a quikie! man, I am pissed. I went shopping today... found a marvelous antique mall here in birmingham. they were having great sales. I found an ornate sterling silver letter opener by reed & Barton... in great shape, btw. it was 50% off of $10!!! I had so much stuff, the gentleman helping me was keeping everything up front at the check out. well, after I paid, I felt a little uneasy...like something was wrong! I got home to inventory everything and my letter opener conveniently "disappeared"!!! I hate it when that happens! this is the second time in 2 months this has happened to me. arrrggggg!!! why do they do that? the last time I bought (or was going to buy) a gorgeous French lace tablecloth. showed it to my friend and took it up front while I dug around some more. the sales lady (also a vendor at the mall) asked where i found it...said it was beautiful. later, when I went to pay, the table cloth was gone!!! the sales lady had the audacity to shrug and tell me she didn't know which tablecloth I was referring to!!! it just disappeared into thin air!!! why!? I thought I'd feel better if I vented, but... not so much :-(

the not so happy end!

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this is a little shop on etsy that i found...and i fell head over heels in love with it! It's called "Passementerie" run by BeautifulReign. she has a huge luscious collection of exquisite antique ribbon work, lace, lingerie, textiles, and boudoir accessories.
a sweet powder puff wand...
now this is supposed to be a "baby boudoir accessory". hmmm...not really sure what that means. --anyone?
this is a delectable, desired frou-frou that needs to be sitting on my vanity!!!
these are lingerie pins. isn't that neat?...to pretty up your drawers!...meaning underwear, not to be left sitting in the drawers making them look pretty. if you have something delightful, use it!!!
ok--if you're overdosing on pink satin, french lace, pearls, ribbons, and feathers... GOOD! that was my intention. I am so glad i found BeautifulReign on etsy. this is my fairytale...
these pictures are just some of my favorite things she has listed. i did buy lingerie pins, a powder puff, camisole and a hanky holder...mmmmm.
the workmanship...the art!
i think this is a powder box. could be reproduced with some vintage ribbon.

both above are hankie holders.
ribbon embroidery. i used to do ribbon embroidery when i dated steve. it's pretty easy, but the ribbon is costly and nearly impossible to find now.

i collect vintage millinery, but this is quite amazing. i've never seen anything so gorgeous!

ah, and no vanity would be complete without old bottles of perfume!

a flapper boudoir cap. did women really sleep in these?...or rather, did they wake up in them?

the happy end.


Zebra or Mannequin? what do you think?

ok, people...i need a little help here. i have some money set aside for a little something special and now i need to decide. yes...an antique zebra rug. it's something i have always wanted for my luscious bathroom. it'll go perfectly! and i have wanted one for years!!! yes, it'll get some serious use in a bathroom, but we love things aged and tattered, don't we? plus, where it will be sitting won't see TOO much action.
OR should i buy another vintage mannequin? hmmm... here are a few i have found, but i guess i need to move quick on the mannequins.
these are a bunch of different ones i found. all ok, but nothing i am "in love with"...you know?

so...if you would leave me your vote, i would really appreciate it. i'll post pics of my bathroom off my iphone so that you'll see what i am thinking for the zebra rug. thanks, guys!
the happy end!


more from homewood, alabama

more shopping in the neighborhood. this is from a little store called "four seasons". I think it's run by four women who favor lots of local artists...

but, of course, my only real interest here are the odds and ends of ironstone, crystal, metalware, and woven baskets.

this table below... me likey!

...and if I can find a place for these sconces, I'll be back, but the truth is, I'm worn out. I'm starting to feel sadness seep into my bones.

I no longer want to see anymore dish-pack paper!!! this house is such a tight fit, I find myself hiding under the sheets in the middle of the day, praying noone will notice that I am gone.

of course, they always do! not even the thought of food or a good tv show lures me out if hiding.

but what can one do when the song is missing from their dance?... except keep dancing and believe the music will start again.

aren't these delightful? ALMOST makes me want one. geez! at $1100 a piece, I regret letting my husband talk me into GIVING ours away!

the end.

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