'round the garden

ok... so i was finally able to figure out blogger and picasa glitches! :) ahhh!
just posting the pics for practice... i haven't shopped much. actually, i've been spending a lot of time working out and trying to spend more time with the boys!... parks, the library, the kiddie pool.

from the garden...
the happy end.


...everyday beauty

...i was sitting in theater arts in 10th grade, lazily flipping through a spring issue of "town & country" when i saw an ad... i have no idea what they were advertising, but there was this ungodly profusion of delicate ivory blooms elegantly sitting in a massive vase. they were hydrangeas. the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i couldn't turn the page. that was such a tiny moment in my life, but i haven't forgotten it. i'm tempted to be corny and say that i changed a little that day, but no... i think, rather, that their beauty just awakened something inside of me... being allowed to appreciate something beautiful, wherever you may find it, is a blessing. and if you think about it, there is beauty in everything.

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