Sugar and Snow

when steve and i first came to maine in search of a home, we drove around and did a little exploring. what we found was a state teeming with antique shops!... of course, it IS new england! but what i was happy to find was a great mixture of "texas-kinda-finds" (my fellow texan junkoholics, you KNOW what i'm talking about!) and "birmingham-brimming-with-euro-treasures"! at the first antique store my husband willingly entered with me :), fear gripped him when he saw how giggly and cheerful i immediately became. he turned to look at me and said, "honey, i think you're gonna bankrupt us in maine... AND FAST!" hahaha... but he was serious.

of course i'm not really going to spend all our money, but i have spent an inordinate amount of money shopping for little treasures; the irony exists in that i have purchased nearly EVERYTHING from etsy! not here! it's been soooo cold (-8 to 20s) that not much is open this time of year... and in this weather, who wants to lug around a poor 4-yr old and hunt for the goods!?!snow wouldn't normally stop me from getting out; it is quite exquisite to experience a REAL winter, but i have enjoyed sitting in my warm studio with a cup of hot cocoa... listening to ingrid michaelson and getting lost in whatever project tickles my fancy... winter has been long (going on the 8th month of snow now) but it always feels like spring-time in my room.old hankie holders... embroidered, silk, oriental children's shoes...

collection of german glitter in shabby salt shakers, adorned with scraps of antique lace... and yes-- that is MY flute. it's new (not a vintage pc.)... and i DO play. :)
scrap booking items and a collection of odds & ends... notice winter in the window. my studio is covered in windows... brings the outdoors... in. :)
vintage and antique lace and ribbon...
i have this new thing for small white wicker purses... i love to doll them up a bit.

ahhh, the happy end. :)


The Sugar Shak

it's been pain-staking to make all my stuff fit in this, my little "studio", but it has been a labor of love. everytime i walk into my space, i melt into a world of confection that delights my senses. i've finally kissed my old friend, restraint, adieu.
nothing is ever finished, is it? maybe it is for some, but not when you're a collector. i do not have a store but i find myself re-arranging and re-doing vignettes and corners... just to accommodate the new stuff.
i'm guessing all of you are like this too. i just cannot own enough tattered lace, frilly petticoats, crusty crosses, glass glitter, time-worn pearls... you get the idea.
i've been wanting to purchase "interior alchemy". thought i might learn some schemes from a master. anyone familiar with rebecca purcell's book. the out-ofprint book has become a cult classic and costs over $1oo! ouch!
trinket boxes i've been making...

finally getting back to jewelry making. YAY! :) cheers!
my happy end


...how to stay on ONE path?

i've finally decided to redo my bedroom from the mirrored nightstands & mongolian lamb-covered pillows of "Hollywood Regency" to the sweet simplicity of of burlap and linen ruffles & pleats. i just can't seem to tone it down, though. my love for shabby pink, seafoam green, old rhinestones and vintage photos keeps interfering. ...and it all goes amock!

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