the glamour tree

all dolled up and nowhere to go.
i am so addicted to vintage rhinestone jewelry and pearls. the more i think about things, the more i am convinced that i have lived and died over and over, and these little trivial addictions are a windows into those old lives.
i jest....but the more i joke about it....the more present it is in my mind. i was raised a good christian girl , who would never entertain such ideas, but time has done things to me.
i think i was a dirty cowboy who was hanged for god knows what. i never wear necklaces; can't stand having anything around my neck. i feel panicky.

or maybe, i don't have a clue what i'm talking about.


a little luxury

finally found a nice tiara...i really love this little thing. great buy on ebay!

found this old sewing basket at Laverty's in waco. they have the most wonderful junk!!!

the blue tulle is an old doll's dress. the hat and the china doll's lace gown also found at Laverty's.

sterling silver candle sticks-- 2 for $20 were a steal!!!

also found this doll's wedding gown, gorgeous coral, and vintage millinery at....the same place.

so lovely!
the sweet end!


This and That

stationary with silhouettes. couldn't resist.

can never have enough lace or pearls.

mother's day roses... before they went to a better place.
lace and galvanized steel...

dried hydrangeas... in green, cream and pink...


Blogger Issues

having problems uploading pictures. i'm trying to work on it!

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