...from whence it came

i feel anxious... i'm not sure why, but i feel like i have to do something! then i realize that this desire for a distraction is some twisted mechanism of my mind... trying to trick me and divert my attention away from something... but what it is exactly, i do not know. ...now, i recognize that i'm immediately drawn to shopping online. then i stop. and i think. is there anything else out there that i couldn't possibly live without? something that i can shove into this already busting-at-the-seams- little-lakehouse in the middle of nowhere!? ...no. there isn't. and i think again, "what if i just accepted that this is the way i am feeling right now and there is nothing wrong with just feeling it?... not trying to medicate or indulge my desire for retail therapy. this is who i am. this is what i am feeling, and the less i resist it, the quicker the feeling will dissipate into the nothingness from whence it came." a few minutes later... it does. so tonight, this is what i give myself... the satisfaction that i was a little bit better (of a person) today, than i was yesterday. that is all i pray for and what i need to strive for. everyday. goodnight. the happy end.


Hark! I am still here!

ok, people... it's been forever! i know; but it has been one hell of a year! we moved to birminham one year ago and today i am still unpacking... only i'm unpacking in MAINE! i cannot tell you how happy i am here despite the lack of commercial shopping, neighbors, the sun, and... well, life as i had otherwise known it! this is going to be one hell of a ride for this texan! but i'm going to love it every single day!!!
at this point. my computers, cameras, and everything electronic is still quite a mess! i have received promises to have me up and running as of last week, but you know how that "honey do" list goes! i have so many pics to post and stories to tell. the fact that this place is so solitary will definitely feed my need blog. so i will be back. :)

anyway, at this point, the only things i have to share are these images i have saved...some of my favorite. cheers!the following is quite beautiful... i adore it! :) i'd love to use it as an invite for a christmas party!

love and be well!!!

the happy end!

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